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Mecha [Yellow & Blue]

Mecha [Yellow & Blue]

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"I drew inspiration from my childhood in Murano, where I grew up playing with Japanese robots. To me, they represented heroes protecting me, just like the true nature of Japanese robots is to protect humanity against disasters. I thought of creating a robot as a symbol of protection for my home island, trying to emphasise what Murano glass represents to me not only in terms of techniques but especially colors. They are vivid, special colours, produced in Murano and they have specific compositions that use many types of minerals that vary for each factory. My objective, therefore, was to create various robots, using different colors and volumes and minimising the use of difficult glassblowing techniques, which, at times, tend to penalise the final result.

I wanted to create an opulent piece with a very strong connection to
my childhood. Other than glass, I used marble to create the bases, breaking away from tradition. There will be three robots in the exhibition and a fourth bigger one will be displayed in the terrace: a sort of totem, a religious symbol, almost like a guarding watching over the island of Murano." - Luca Nichetto

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