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These goblets are made in Murano from the S.A.L.I.R. Collection. There are different types with various processing techniques, i.e. gold leaf, filigree, aventurine, etc.

In addition to lightness, the various elements that make up the stem such as avolio, as well as various blown and processed elements should be noted. Decorations such as “morise,” or colored edges (which are applied hot on on the foot of the goblet) can be found on certain styles.

S.A.L.I.R. The company was founded in 1922, founded by Decio Toso and Giuseppe D’Alpaos with the dual intent of recov- ering particular aspects of the Murano tradition (copper wheel, sand, diamond-point engraving, glass enamel decoration, the production of mirrors with ancient techniques and mastery) and to seek new artistic and technological solutions.
In the field of engraving, the artistic director for over fifty years is the famous Bohemian master Franz Pelzel; in that of design and art, it avails itself of the collaboration of many others.

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